DIY Project for Home: “Stained Glass” Celtic Designs

During normal times I would be teaching multiple art classes during the week as well as working on my own artwork. While we’re all shut in at home during this time of quarantine, I thought I’d share a couple projects children and adults can do at home for fun on their own. This one isn’t a project I typically teach in my studio. It was originally developed as a summer camp project but only works if you have more than one day to work on it, because the glue needs to have time to dry. The dried school glue on the black construction paper takes on the look of leading in stained glass. For this project you’ll need the following materials:

black construction paper

school glue

pencils: HB and 4B or 6B

oil pastels (Pentel Oil pastels are an inexpensive brand I use with my kids)

A print out of one of my designs or a drawing of your own

These templates below are for you to use in your own designs, if you wish. These drawings were inspired by art in the illuminated manuscripts from the British Isles. My templates on this site are for your personal use only, not for commercial reproduction. Enjoy!


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